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About Us - (but it's really about you) 


The Mako Group, a cyber risk management firm, has been knocking the socks off our customers since 2009. Based in Indianapolis, IN with offices in Chicago, Detroit and Fort Wayne - our specialized team of senior auditors and account managers aim to create long lasting relationships built on trust. 


We specialize in Auditing, Risk Assessments, SOX Auditing/Testing and Penetration Testing for mid to large-sized businesses in the fields of Manufacturing, Healthcare, Education, Financial, Legal and more. Everything we do is designed to achieve the highest level of cybersecurity and audit standards, beyond examiner and regulatory minimums. The outcome: providing the highest quality audits/tests/assessments, using industry standards (NIST, FFIEC, ISACA, COBIT, ISO) and best practices. The Mako Group does this because it makes our clients more secure, and because it just makes sense. This approach saves our clients time, headaches and money in the long run. 


As you might imagine, it’s not easy to assemble a team or structure that can accomplish this. Since our inception, we knew to be the best at what we do requires Senior-level staffing. Putting these standards in place is how The Mako Group differentiates itself. This approach just makes sense for both parties. We strive to be the best at what we do, and in order to achieve this, we have to employ the best.

Our Staff - Your Team Players

Team Members

Led by principals David Lefever & Shane O'Donnell and an accomplished senior audit team, The Mako Group spends every day helping businesses develop the confidence to proceed in a safe and secure environment. Meet some of our management & advisory leaders. 

David Lefever

David Lefever

Chief Executive Officer, Principle

Shane O'Donnell

Shane O'Donnell

Chief Audit Executive, Principle

Peter Clarke

Peter Clarke

Vice President Business Development

I joined the Mako Group in 2012 as a partner & Chief Audit Executive based out of our Detroit office, with the responsibility to oversee the overall audit function within the group as well as the management of our audit team. Engaging with our clients and helping each of them with the unique challenges they face makes my role with The Mako Group enjoyable. I also appreciate the flexibility we provide to our employees. We have an honest and driven staff that I love interacting with on a daily basis. They make it easy to come to work.


I grew up in Grosse Ile, MI which is an island in the Detroit River. After being away from Grosse Ile for about 6 years, my wife and I moved back and decided to raise our family there. I really enjoy golfing, kayaking and exercising, even though my golf game needs some serious work. My wife, three children and I also enjoy traveling,  we try and get to as many places as we possibly can.

In 2009, several personal and professional experiences led me to explore the avenues of becoming an entrepreneur.  After several months of jotting down ideas, the concept of what would become The Mako Group finally stuck.  From there, it was simply a vision to build a company comprised of honest, trustworthy family focused professionals. At the time I had one small child and another on the way and achieving the goals we set for our growth, while being present at home was quite the challenge.


As all entrepreneurs will tell you, we create a dream, take great risks and if everything goes as planned (which it rarely does!), receive great rewards .  To accomplish that, we needed a team of experienced professionals. Our team is incredible.  Unbelievable.


We have continued to honor our “family first” promise and stand by our vision to provide a flexible & fun environment. We take great pride in helping our customers establish confidence in management of their cybersecurity and control environments and leave each partnership feeling like we have become a part of their culture.


I’m a born & bred Hoosier. I spend my free time cheering on Indiana University, the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cubs with my wife, two sons & daughter. When not in the office I prefer to have my toes in the sand or a fishing pole in my hand. 

As Vice President of Business Development at The Mako Group my primary responsibility is to develop relationships with organizations that face the challenges of managing risk in today’s ever-changing world of cybersecurity. Working at The Mako Group has allowed me the opportunity to focus on ways we can assist our clients in establishing a level of confidence that they can feel proud of.


Since joining the Mako team in 2013, our team has grown into something remarkable; I’ve never worked with a better group of people. We're on the cutting edge of risk management and cyber strategy that makes coming to work every day exciting and engaging. We value every partnership as an investment in our people and the customers they serve.


I have lived in Vermont and Michigan, but I was born and raised in the Indianapolis area, and I am proud to call it home. I have 9 nieces and nephews and when I’m not coaching youth and high school rugby, I play in a men’s hockey league. I love to be outside whether it be running, golfing or fishing. 

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