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Social engineering works to exploit human weaknesses through a variety of different approaches including email phishing, pre-text calling (vishing), physical entry and USB drops. The goal of the social engineering campaign is to measure and assess employee security awareness and educate end users on how to effectively identify and respond to a social engineering attempt. This is accomplished using a variety of both technical and social tactics designed to deceive users into performing an action or providing information they may not typically provide under other circumstances.

What Can We Help You With?

  • Email Phishing

    • An email phishing assessment consists of sending fake malicious emails to designated users. These campaigns are launched against a select group of company employees designed to solicit confidential information or illicit unintended actions. All interactions are recorded (clicking link, opening attachment, and/or entering confidential information). The Mako Group works with the organization to develop an effective delivery schedule that meets the organization’s expectations and needs and delivers meaningful metrics to not only measure end user security awareness but technical controls as well.

  • Pre-text Calling (Vishing)

  • Physical Security

  • Does My Organization Need a Social Engineering Assessment?

  • Why  Choose The Mako Group?


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