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Through advisory, we’re able to help our clients make informed decisions that result in the development of successful cybersecurity programs. We provide clients with a clear understanding of their exposure to potential cyber-attack and the impact it would

have on their business.


As cybersecurity methodologies, regulations, frameworks, tools and controls continue to evolve, the management and implementation of cybersecurity infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex to manage.  While all organizations would love to have the latest and greatest protections available, for the vast majority this just isn’t feasible. As a result, organizations need to determine the best approach to protecting themselves based on their specific needs and constraints. To effectively accomplish this, all of the organization’s tools, controls and procedures must work in a cohesive manner that align with the company’s goals.


Establishing an enterprise Cybersecurity Program for your organization is a foundational step in ensuring the measures taken to protect it are aligned and effective. To help your organization through this process, The Mako Group will work with stakeholders, IT leadership and network administrators to understand the specific needs of your organization. Additionally, The Mako Group will assist your organization in identifying an appropriate framework (NIST, ISO, COBIT, etc.) to provide additional guidance in the development and roadmap of your newly developed program. Reviewing the existing security infrastructure, understanding your compliance and regulatory needs (HIPAA, FISMA, etc.) and identifying the organization’s security goals will allow The Mako Group to assist in the development of a Cybersecurity Program that best suits your situation and aligns with industry best practices.


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