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A systematic evaluation of an organization’s cybersecurity policies, procedures and their effectiveness. A cybersecurity audit focuses on security standards, guidelines and procedures and the implementation of the related controls.


The Mako Group can assist with your internal audit department’s EQAR by providing an opinion on conformance with the Standards contained in The IIA’s International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) under Standard 1312 and with the Code of Ethics.


The scope of these services include an evaluation of the Internal Audit department’s core assurance activities. During the engagement, The Mako Group will assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the Internal Audit department’s processes and infrastructure, the experience and expertise of its staff, and alignment with expectations of the Audit Committee and other key stakeholders.


Furthermore, The Mako Group will evaluate the extent of the Internal Audit department’s agility and offer recommendations for becoming more agile based on leading agile auditing techniques. Finally, the client will have the opportunity to participate in and complete The IIA’s Benchmarking Questionnaire, which will allow the Internal Audit department to benchmark its size, experience, and other metrics against comparable departments in the same industry.


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