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A systematic evaluation of an organization’s cybersecurity policies, procedures and their effectiveness. A cybersecurity audit focuses on security standards, guidelines and procedures and the implementation of the related controls.


Internal Audit is an independent risk and control consulting activity with the goal of adding value to and improving the processes of an organization. Internal Audit can assist an organization with meeting its strategic objectives through evaluations of the risk management, control and governance processes. The Internal Audit function can also play a key role during external audits by conducting testing that external auditors can reply upon. This can save the organization time and money.


An effective Internal Audit function works closely with senior management to complete risk assessments that drive the audit plan. Then coordinates resources with the necessary business areas to deliver timely and customized recommendations.

The team at The Mako Group can use their varied experiences and risk/control expertise to support the Internal Audit team of an organization or can serve as Internal Audit for an organization without an in-house Internal Audit function. Having an Internal Audit function gives organizations expert partners in risk/control, not just additional auditors.


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