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Through advisory, we’re able to help our clients make informed decisions that result in the development of successful cybersecurity programs. We provide clients with a clear understanding of their exposure to potential cyber-attack and the impact it would

have on their business.


How well is your organization meeting cybersecurity concerns? Is your organization proactively moving forward in cybersecurity protocols? Does your organization know what the next steps are?


To answer these questions and formulate an effective cybersecurity program, organizations can utilize a cyber maturity model developed specifically for them. An effective cybersecurity program never stops developing and improving because those who would conduct a cyber-attack never stop evolving. Trusted frameworks are available for organizations to complete self-assessments; however, the greatest benefit will come from an independent assessment conducted by seasoned professionals.


The Mako Group’s team is not only experienced in security, risk, and controls; but also, in helping organizations of all sizes assess and map next steps for cybersecurity programs. The Mako Group’s senior-level staff bring the expertise and varied backgrounds to make the difference for your organization.


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