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Social engineering works to exploit human weaknesses through a variety of different approaches including email phishing, pre-text calling (vishing), physical entry and USB drops. The goal of the social engineering campaign is to measure and assess employee security awareness and educate end users on how to effectively identify and respond to a social engineering attempt. This is accomplished using a variety of both technical and social tactics designed to deceive users into performing an action or providing information they may not typically provide under other circumstances.

What Can We Help You With?

  • Email Phishing​

  • Pre-text Calling (Vishing)​

  • Physical Security

    • A physical security assessment is an attempt to enter a designated facility and obtain access to confidential/restricted resources, assets, or information and is an essential layer of network security. The goal of the assessment is to invoke a response from employees and see what actions can be taken before being stopped, questioned or detained. As time onsite progresses, the actions taken by The Mako Group increase with the eventual goal of being stopped.

    • Social Engineering Outputs

    • Quantitative reports showing all targets and their interactions, or lack thereof

    • Reports containing results from the attempted assessment as well as techniques used

    • Increased employee awareness and education

  • Does My Organization Need a Social Engineering Assessment?

  • Why  Choose The Mako Group?


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