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It is important for organizations to identify security holes within their external or internal network before an attacker by conducting a network penetration test. The penetration testing team at The Mako Group can help strengthen your overall security by identifying weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations within your network. The Mako Group moves beyond commoditized tool, techniques and approaches to bring real value to the organization.


An external network penetration test focuses on the organization’s public facing network and systems. This simulates an attack by a remote threat actor from anywhere in the world. External network penetration tests commonly focus on identify public facing services, various password attacks, security evasion and identifying misconfigurations that may allow for a foothold into the internal network.


An internal network penetration test focuses on the organization’s private network, typically using an assumed breach scenario. In an assumed breach scenario, The Mako Group works with the organization to gain internal network access through legitimate means and uses the provided network access to attempt and perform malicious activities on the network including gaining a foothold into an unauthorized system, horizontally or vertically escalating privileges or gaining access to sensitive information.

What Can We Help You With?

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Penetration Test

  • Red Team

  • Purple Team

    • A Purple Team assessment is a collaborative effort between the offensive (red) and defensive sides (blue) teams. Like a red assessment, the goal is to evaluate the organizations ability to detect and respond to different incident scenarios. The goal of the assessment is to assess and improve an organizations detection and response procedures.

    • Purple Team assessments:

      • Share intelligence between opposing teams.

      • Provide training and real-world exercises for security teams

      • Provide a clearer understanding of both sides, including the attack and defense process.

  • Do I need a Penetration Test - Questions to Consider

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