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Through advisory, we’re able to help our clients make informed decisions that result in the development of successful cybersecurity programs. We provide clients with a clear understanding of their exposure to potential cyber-attack and the impact it would

have on their business.


The objective of a risk assessment is to understand the existing system and environment and identify risks through analysis of the information/data collected. Risk assessments are an essential step on the road to a mature cybersecurity and risk management program for all companies.


IT enterprise security risk assessments allow organization to assess, identify, and modify their overall security posture and to enable security, operations, organizational management, and other personnel to collaborate and view the entire organization from an attacker’s perspective.


The Mako Group has helped many companies work towards a more mature security environment. We begin by gaining an understanding of your company’s existing environment and then reviewing the security controls and capabilities already in place. This information allows us to create a control mapping that encompasses all relevant controls to cybersecurity risk management which will lead to the creation of a roadmap for your company to follow to increase your security.


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