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Through advisory, we’re able to help our clients make informed decisions that result in the development of successful cybersecurity programs. We provide clients with a clear understanding of their exposure to potential cyber-attack and the impact it would

have on their business.



Information security is growing more and more complex each day. We operate in a world in which a new threat or vulnerability is discovered every day, and in turn new tools, technologies and methodologies are developed to mitigate them. Having this wealth of tools and information at your disposal is invaluable to effectively protect your organization and its data. It does however present a new problem for IT. Instead of looking for ways to gather more information, the problem has now become how to effectively manage and assess the information we receive.

Security Information and Event Management software, or SIEM (pronounced “SIM”), is a tool designed to centralize and aggregate data logged from various systems and applications throughout the organization’s infrastructure. This information can be utilized to create customized dashboards, reports and alerts that are easier to consume and analyze for the IT staff. The result is a more efficient and effective information security posture, and a more informed IT staff.

The Mako Group can assist your organization through the evaluation and implementation process when selecting your new SIEM. Ensuring that your new solution is compatible with your existing infrastructure, budget, and regulatory and compliance needs, as well as provides the features and support that you require. In the end this will result in you having the software that works best for you.


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